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Enter Silicon Valley – Creating Your First Presentation

This is the second post of a series named “Enter Silicon Valley“. It is a personal journal written as a how-to guide about how you as an outsider entrepreneur, can get your startup in one of the high tech communities, … Continue reading

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Help Entrepreneurs, Be Challenging!

Having talked with quite a few people about my ideas and projects overtime i have noticed a common theme. Everybody tries to be gentle. That is ok but doen’t really help me move forward. What entrepreneurs really need is to … Continue reading

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Finding the Right Place For my Startup

As i wrote in my previous post, selecting the correct home for your startup is of critical importance. I am in this stage now, trying to collect more information about the communities i am interested in. So far i incline towards SF, NY and Boulder CO. Continue reading

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Enter Silicon Valley – Getting Started

So you reached a point where you realize your local fuel will not send your startup to space and beyond. You really believe in your startup and are willing and determined to do whatever it takes to make it a success. You have to get to a more fertile ground, but you really know nobody there and have no connections. Continue reading


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How Gist Solved my Contacts Mapping Problem

Starting from scratch is an opportunity to  select the best tools out there for any issues, problems or tasks you face. One of the problems i had, was how to organize my contact information, now that i am preparing for my trip … Continue reading

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Why Europe Leaks Startups to US

It has been some months now that i have been actively engaged in my local internet startup scene (in Greece). In paralel i have been researching funding options for my startup [] and studying about other startups in Europe and the world. … Continue reading

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The Manifest

I can’t believe i’m 32 with no solid footprint on the net. Considering my passion for technology since my first contact with programming in mid Elementary school, and my history ever since on the tech industry, makes it even funnier… … Continue reading

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