The Manifest

I can’t believe i’m 32 with no solid footprint on the net. Considering my passion for technology since my first contact with programming in mid Elementary school, and my history ever since on the tech industry, makes it even funnier…

One of the main reasons for my zero net presence is my craze for privacy. No single entity (looking at google) would have the sum of my information, so i kept actively changing handles and names on the various online projects and communities i joined… All originating from the early beliefs and values a young hacker had.

After my first two startup ventures failed on 2003,  i was disheartened with the options i had in the Greek tech industry at that time.  So i started a MBA course while i was developing a workflow application for my family’s business [suxess], which is a strong national packaging company. After i finished MBA i went on with the family business as head of sales and marketing.

For years i turned off the switch, focused on business and only kept minimal contact by reading the blogs i love, slashdot and gizmodo.

Mid 2009 i decided it was time to move on and get back to what i love best. High technology startups.

Having left the scene for so many years, it was like waking up from a time capsule. All these amazing new technologies,  all these exploding startup worlds, oh all the cherries!

In this blog i plan on chronicling my adventures, ventures and rants from my life as an Entrepreneur and beyond, from my time-capsule point of view. So mind the gap.

This is the story of how this blog started


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    awesome start 🙂

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